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Reviews for "Give Me the Love/Fight"

"Among the few bands who can mix reggae, rock, calypso, and jazzier elements together with impact."
-Homegrown Music Network

"Give Me the Love or Give Me the Fight fuses a litany of genres, including acoustic folk, reggae, funk and old-fashioned roots rock. Just listen to the first ten seconds of (the song) "Give Me the Love or Give Me the Fight" and tell me your feet don't start moving."
- Peter McQuaid, The Lowell Sun

"This music is full of positive vibes and are not simple rock tunes...there is a lot to sink your teeth into."
-Michael Doherty, Michael Doherty's Music Log -
(read full review HERE)

"An adventure for the listener."
-Jim Pasinski, JP's Music Blog - (read full review HERE)

Perfect music for a beach party."
-The Swerve Magazine - (read full review HERE)

Live Reviews

"The evening's opening act, The Blue James Band, showcased its acoustic/electric jam-pop, never straying far from the formula that makes it successful - catchy hooks, reggae-tinged grooves and chops-laden solos. Frontman Clifton Williams and keyboardist Valerie Taylor's harmonies complement each other perfectly (as on "Believe") and an impeccably tight drums and bass combo allows them to trade solos with equal aplomb ("Full Circle"). It didn't take long – just two songs - before the Blue James Band had the first dancer of the night on her feet, swaying and flailing as the band chugged along happily and handily." review for BJB opening for The Mother Hips

Reviews for "WILL"

"Will is music for the min d with body shaking grooves."
-Bill Whiting, An Honest Tun

"The songs on "Will" are sophisticated and intricate, yet they never sound less than organic." -Bill's Music Forum

"(BJB) incorporates a little bit of reggae, a little bit of funk, but are rooted in good ol’ rock and roll." -APOC, UCONN radio

"Warm and Organic." -Michael Popke, Sea of Tranquility

"Excellent music for a barbeque." -Jeff Giles, Eat Sleep Drink Music


Reviews for "That's That "

• “That's That may be one of the best-played albums we've reviewed this month.” - Phillip Buchan, Splendid Magazine

• “Cliff writes and produces these songs with intense personality, honesty and a unique individual vibe. Lucky for him, however, is that he also has a very talented band standing not behind him but rather right next to him, and sometimes in front of him. The ending result is a muscular but mellow acoustic-based rock and roll that is a pleasure to listen to, with a funk that is easy to dance to and lyrics that are easy to relate to. Blue James Band is making a splash in the mid and south west with this kind music and their reputation for free spirited jams is a big part of why.”
-Dave Terpeny, Kynd Music

• “L.A.’s Blue James Band combines groove-oriented jams and bouncy melody-driven songs with a distinct lyrical style...”
–Michael Popke, Sea of Tranquility

• “Along the same lines as Blues Traveler, Blue James Band is a group of well seasoned musicians. This band has serious groove and is tight every step of the way, this CD is well produced and fits the songs that the band flows freely through track after track. I can see this band being a hit with all the audiences that see them on their tour this summer.”
-West Coast Independent



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