written by Clifton J. Williams

I’ve got my Mai Tai, I’m feeling fine
I’ve got the sun beating down on my face and eyes
I’m rowing my boat just as fast as I can
I’ve got seven willing bodies and a strong current
Helping me on my way

The shadow of the sun it casts on me
I’ve got the bright yellow light coming in from the sea
The orange, yellow, blue, purple, red, and green
They all mix with the sun as they fall so sweet
So sweetly into the sea

I’m thinking of you and all of the things that we do
So far across the water but I’ll be there soon
I’ve got my board, I’ll paddle til’ I die
Just so I…
So I can see you
I’ll be there soon

The sun just fell into the clouds
Now I can see what all the talk is about
The pictures they draw so beautifully
They don’t capture this feeling, I feel so free
Singing here on my beach

The ocean is the color of the sky
The green grass is the color of your eyes
You put the two together

The view from this island
It’s a view that can’t be experienced
Twice, that’s why I’ll write a song
So take it my friend, but friend, pass it along

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